Frequent Questions

How is an Osteopathic Doctor different from an MD?

- An Osteopathic and Medical Doctor attend the same Medical Schools, receiving the same education.  However, the DO continues on learning the manual manipulations of the spine and neck.

What do I need to bring to my appointment if I am looking to get my Medical Cannabis Card?

- You will need to bring the last 2 years of medical records that pertain to the condition you are applying for to the state.  All the forms are available at the office.  You will need your ID or Drivers License.

I don't have a Provider for my medicine.  Do you know of any credible people to help me?

- Yes we do.  We can give you names of Providers in your area at your appointment.

I have an acute condition.  Does Dr. Uphues see patients for things like the flu or a respiratory infection?

- Yes.  We see patients for many acute conditions that may take days for you to get an appointment with your regular Doctor.

Does Dr. Uphues prescribe diet and exercising programs for patients.

- Dr. Uphues frequently starts any therapy with counceling on diet changes and exercise implementation.  With the patients cooperation and compliance, the ultimate goal of health and fitness is achieved.

I am home-bound or am too sick to make it to one of the clinics.  Can I get a home visit?

- Dr. Uphues does do home visit when they are available after clinic hours or on the way to other sites in Montana with prior arrangements.

Services Provided

  • Osteopathic manipulation and treatments
  • Family Practice for acute conditions
  • Medical Cannabis Recommendations to qualified patients
  • Obesity Medicine
  • Hypnotherapy- weight loss, smoking cessation, anxiety
  • Men's functional medicine
  • Personal trainer
  • NEW- Suboxone therapy